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of my Runic Ritual of Lasting protection:

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To permanently get rid of a worrisome “red zone” and enjoy what is mine by right over the next 12 months



You have foreseen a surge of luck and money hovering around me, one I do not currently get to enjoy, and now I want to benefit from what is mine by right.


I perfectly understand that, according to you, my lack of Luck is most likely related to a worrisome “red zone,” saturated with negative waves, that is located somewhere in my home and with which I might be in contact on a daily basis.


I need your help to get rid of all these negative waves that someone harboring some ill-will most likely left behind when they came to visit me.


  • I am asking you to perform the GREAT RUNIC RITUAL OF RELEASE AND PROTECTION on my behalf, in order to fully and permanently get rid of this harmful “red zone,” so that I might be freed from the chronic misfortune that keeps affecting me.
  • I am also asking you to send my GREAT RUNE READING to me as soon as possible (within 2 hours). Its contents will unveil 3 truths about my near future related to the 3 most important aspects of my life: Money, Love, and Luck. As a FREE GIFT, you will also enclose the precious Talisman you promised to send me: THE MAGNETIC SQUARE.
  • You provide me with a Guarantee that if I were not fully satisfied with your work, I would just have to let you know about it in order to receive a refund.
  • Thank you, Athena, for taking my personal situation into account. Accordingly, in return for this important work of liberation and prediction, I agree to send you my contribution reduced to just US$49.00 instead of US$99.00.


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With the 3 settlements options, you can spread your payment over a period of 3 months at no extra cost. This means that you will: Pay a first settlement today for a third of the total amount to be paid. Another settlement will automatically be charged to your account 30 days from now. The 3rd and final settlement will automatically be charged 60 days from now.


You need to be 100% satisfied. Should it not be the case for any reason whatsoever, I would refund your contribution following a simple request from you. Just send me an email. This is my commitment  to ensure you will be “satisfied, or your money back” and you can check all the details within these. Terms & Conditions.


The Magnetic Square
that can magnetize Positive Waves

As a Free Gift you will receive the the Magnetic Square used during the Great Runic Ritual of Release and Protection, to keep you safe from negative waves, and to magnetize positive waves all around you. .


 “I remember when I was drowning in debt, when solicitors kept contacting me… what a mess! When Athena told me it was most likely due to a “hostile zone,” as she called it, and one found in my home to make things worse, I did not believe it. But I still said yes to her offer of assistance. She performed a Great Ritual and gave me an amazing Rune reading. Two weeks later, I was promoted at work, with a bigger paycheck. I paid back all my debts, and my man came back to me, even more in love than before.”
Virginia – Dallas

 “Not even a month ago I thought my life had gone down the drain. A rough breakup had left me with nothing but money issues. The bank had even frozen my account. My landlord threatened to evict me. My car had been seized. I was going through hell! I had nothing left to lose, so I let Athena perform the Great Runic Ritual on my behalf, alongside the Reading she had told me about. And I’m glad I did! Praise the lord, today it is all over. I have no more issues with my bank, I paid my landlord what I owed him, I bought a new car, and I even met someone new. Fingers crossed! Things seems to be going smoothly, anyway.”
Sophie – Southampton

“I am retired, and a widower. My children had lost touch with me for so long. I only had a small pension to my name, and as a 72-year-old man, I was tired of it all. I had lost my will to live. But I put my trust in Athena. I let her perform her Runic Ritual on my behalf, along with a remarkably specific reading that left me speechless when I received it. Three days later, my eldest daughter came to visit. And then my second son. Since then, I have been in touch with my entire family. Not only that, but they provide me with some financial support, it is nothing short of a miracle. Yesterday I met a woman slightly younger than me, exactly as foreseen in Athena’s predictions. I am happy. Sincerely, thank you.”
Mark – Sacramento

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