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this Secret seems to be the most Valuable one you could ever possibly receive.

Find out How:
Luck, Wealth, and Power could appear in your life.

Find out Why:
You would immediately have a date
with your new destiny of Happiness
and Privileges!



My dear ,

What would you say if I told you that this message marks the end of all your worries?

“That you’re over the moon to finally be able to access your dream life.”

Yes, after all your years of “pain”, I finally see what could be THE ultimate solution for you! I know that my enthusiasm may seem over the top to you. But all that I ask is that you read my message somewhere quiet, with an open mind.

Ultimately, it will be you who decides what to do about it. All of what follows is 100% genuine and based on facts, names, and specific places.

, if I mention Father Béranger Saunière, and the little village of Rennes-le-Château, in the south of France, what does that mean to you?

Like me, you must have heard about the film “Da Vinci Code”, based on Dan Brown’s best-seller, which sold close to 100 million copies and was translated into over 39 languages around the world.

This also concerns the true story of the mysterious Priest, Béranger Saunière, who upon renovating the small church of Rennes-le-Château, found himself at the heart of Humanity’s Greatest Secret.

, the reason I’m contacting you today, is because the spirit of Father Béranger Saunière just contacted me… About YOU!
Everything started while I was updating your Personal File. When, suddenly, a voice resounded in my head. A “spirit” was contacting me telepathically…

It asked me to prepare to receive an important message through a process known as “automatic writing”.

After fetching a note pad and a pen, I therefore immediately entered a psychic trance in order to receive its message.

The session lasted one hour and thirteen minutes and in total I drafted twenty-seven pages of dense notes, as well as several detailed drawings. With automatic writing, it’s possible to collect a huge amount of information from other dimensions.

The only drawback to this technique is that there are often “bottlenecks” and flaws in the transcription of events.

Spirits exist on far higher energy planes than our own, and there is a real discrepancy between the speed with which they communicate and our ability to absorb all the information they want to send us.

That’s why automatic writing is a process reserved exclusively for initiates!

It took me several hours to produce a summary, that is to say I had to look at each word in my notes and put everything back in the right order.

Therefore, here’s the most faithful summary possible of the message I received from the spirit of Father Béranger Saunière, which concerns you directly:

“Athena, I, Béranger Saunière, am the custodian of the Greatest Secret of the Order of the Knights Templar:

The “Templar Seal of Consecration”

It was after some renovations in my church that I discovered this Fabulous Secret hidden under the altar.

Thanks to it, I was then able to discover the fabulous Treasure that the Templars had hidden in a cave near Rennes-le-Château after the dissolution of their Order on Friday the 13th of March 1313.

This Treasure consisted of several tons of gold, silver, jewels, and coins. No one had managed to discover it before me.

In my lifetime, I only used a tiny portion of this Treasure, and only for the sake of doing good. The remainder of this fabulous Templar Treasure will be rediscovered when humanity is ready.

In exchange for this extraordinary privilege I was granted, I swore an Oath to protect the spiritual and material ideal of the Templars, even after the end of my earthly life.

Thus, every year, at the same time, I choose the 7 most irreproachable and deserving people in the world to receive: the “Templar Seal of Consecration”.

It is the Greatest Secret of the Order of the Knights Templar, at the source of their fabulous powers and endless Wealth.

Athena, as an initiate, I have chosen you to give the “Templar Seal of Consecration” on my behalf, which opens the doors to Luck, Wealth, and Power.

Why this person? Because in a past life, was a “Knight of the Order”, whose help was crucial for protecting the Templar Treasure.

Athena, just before handing over the “Templar Seal of Consecration”, you will perform the Great Templar Ceremony of Power.

Athena, I will now reveal to you how to proceed. Follow my instructions to the letter.

Thank you, Athena. We appreciate your help.
Let it be so! By the spirit of all the Knights of the Order!

Béranger Saunière”


, I’m not going to give you the full biography of Father Saunière, nor lay out the history of the Templars in detail. It would be too long and dull. You’re not expecting a history lesson from me…

What matters most to you is putting an end to your misfortune and various problems as soon as possible! You should however know, that here in the 21st century, in the time of artificial intelligence, the general public only knows an abridged version of the Templars.

Their Greatest Secrets (those that can bring your destiny from darkness towards the light) have been intentionally hidden for centuries. Everything that has been officially proven and taught about the Templars was “censored” and then “rewritten” over time by the various authorities in place in order to make them ineffective.

Why? The answer is very simple: powerful people in this world decided to keep them for themselves, because these Templar Magic Secrets are the very source of their Luck, Wealth, and Power!

, you have been suffering for far too long and my sacred mission is to help you achieve a Wonderful Destiny as soon as possible. And today, you are being offered the “Templar Seal of Consecration”, connected to the Great Templar Ritual of Power.

The Great Templar Ritual of Power

Because yes, it is an essential prerequisite before being able to receive the “Templar Seal of Consecration”.

The spirit of Father Béranger Saunière has just chosen you because of your high moral and spiritual values. You could therefore now successfully climb the first step that leads to your New Destiny.

To become a Templar, you had to go through 7 initiation rites, spread across 7 days.

The Great Templar Ritual of Power concentrates the Powers of the 7 Templar Initiation rites.

It is said that it has the power to concentrate the Mightiest Cosmic Forces upon you to prepare you to receive an abundance of Luck, Wealth, and Power.

Because what is commonly referred to as “Luck”, “Wealth” or “Power” corresponds to the unlimited cosmic (or “Astral”) energy contained in the universe.

Yet, in order for Luck, Wealth, and Power to be able to appear in your life, there can be no interference between you and the Cosmic Astral universe.

The Great Templar Ritual of Power:

The “Templar Seal of Consecration”

It presents itself in the form of a Ritualized “Talisman” as per the instructions provided by the spirit of Father Saunière.

It has the same powers as the “Templar Seal of Consecration” discovered by the Priest during renovations he carried out on his church in Rennes-le-Château (a small village in the south of France).

Because what matters here is not the material object in itself, but the Magic Powers it was imbued with!

It was thanks to the “Templar Seal of Consecration” that he was then able to discover the Fabulous Templar Treasure, made up of several tons of gold, silver, jewels, and coins, that no one had ever managed to discover before him!

The scriptures say that not only can the “Templar Seal of Consecration” make the effects of the Great Ritual materialize in your life, it can also reactivate your 3rd Eye.

During their Crusades in the Middle East, the Templars had discovered fabulous secrets, including secrets related to the magic powers of the 3rd Eye.

Your 3rd Eye is the most important factor for your entire destiny! It is your “Magic Eye”, the one connecting you to both the earthly world and the Astral one (these other dimensions from where Luck, Wealth, and Power arise).

Where do the powers of your 3rd Eye come from?

They surpass all human understanding! Regardless of whether you call them: Christ, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Great Architect, Universal Spirit, Manitou, Kundalini… Or whether you don’t give them a name at all, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that these powers exist. They make up THE ultimate Force. The one that created the world.

It is this force, and this force alone, that can bring you Luck, Wealth, and Power.

Very important: Neither the Great Templar Ritual of Power, nor the “Templar Seal of Consecration” pose any danger to your body or your mind.

You don’t need any special ability or “gift” to benefit from them. All their Prodigious Powers take effect, regardless of your age, social background, and beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether you practice a religion or not.

Just look at what could happen to you if you say “Yes” to the Templars’ most Valuable Secret:


, why continue living an unsatisfying life, when I am offering you the Ultimate Magic Secret to make Providence yield to you?

The time has finally come to be able to change everything in your life.
The time has come to benefit from the Great Templar Ritual of Power and the “Templar Seal of Consecration”!
If you’re thinking:

“I’m going to take a few days to think about it and make my decision.”

Then let me be clear: there isn’t a single second to lose!
The spirit of Father Saunière insisted on this:

I don’t have much time to perform the Great Templar Ritual of Power due to the unique planetary conjunction between Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Venus, currently ensuring it utmost efficiency. I am in fact prepared to perform it in the next few hours.

Because you should know that the effects of this astrological conjunction will gradually begin to decrease, and the Powers of the Great Ritual are also likely to fade.

Life is too short to waste your time. Every passing day is precious. The few minutes you spend reading this message will impact


So, it’s now or never, !

I, Athena, renew my Oath before you to do everything I can to bring you Luck, Wealth, and Power.


Your personal psychic and friend,

athena medium

P.S. If you answer me within 7 minutes of reading this message, I will give you as a FREE GIFT:

The Templar Magic Spell

This is the Magic Spell that the Templars had to pronounce during initiations and before important events within the Order. It is written in Latin and pronouncing it 7 times in a row connects you to the egregore (the Spirit) of all the Templars who have ever existed.

Many accounts confirm that the Templar Magic Spell, pronounced just before playing your favorite game, enables you to win huge sums of money far more easily!

Thanks to the Templar Magic Spell, you could speed up the appearance of Luck, Wealth, and Power in your life even more!

But BEWARE: In order to receive the Templar Magic Spell, you must reply to me STRAIGHT AWAY (or at the latest, within 7 minutes of finishing this message).

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