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to benefit from

With the aim of becoming richer than rich!

For the exclusive benefit of my protégé:


  • Yes, dear Athena, I accept this challenge, and I accept the mad bet of the MASK OF FORTUNE.
  • Yes, Athena, I yearn for money and triumphs; this irresistible desire to become richer than rich burns fiercely within me.
  • Yes, Athena, I thank you for choosing me to join the magic circle of THE MASK OF FORTUNE.
  • Yes, Athena, I understand I am participating in an exceptional event that should lead me straight to fortune, and that I am the 969th person chosen for this one and only purpose.
  • Yes, Athena, I agree, with the highest respect, to join the magic circle of THE MASK OF FORTUNE and to pass the Mask on immediately after having won the Fortune I was promised.
  • Please send me also, FOR FREE, my SECRET LUCKY NUMBERS so that my dreams may come true – all of them!
  • Athena, thank you for taking my situation into account. To benefit from this unique help as soon as possible, I am now sending you a contribution of only 59,95 € (instead of 99,95 €).