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Urgent Consent

to receive my

Talisman of Fortune

+ My Free Gift

Only for my protégé


  • YES dear Athena, I thank you for all the attention you’ve given me, and all the important work you accomplish for me each day. I understand that – according to your calculations – a very favorable astral configuration lasting for 28 days is about to materialize for me. This is a unique opportunity that I need to grab hold of right away!
  • I ask you to send me the authentic Talisman Of Fortune as soon as possible, so that its stupefying Secret – which is absolutely unique – can contribute to making me a fulfilled person through intense WEALTH.
  • In your opinion this authentic Talisman can accomplish genuine “Miracles” for me: convert Astral Energy into the Forces of Luck and Money for the purpose of bringing a continual inflow of Money into my life.
  • What this precious Talisman means for me are the Riches I’ve always hoped for, and I wish to benefit from it very soon.
  • Here is my consent to receive my Talisman, along with a Surprising Free Gift you’ll send me, one that should contribute greatly to my Happiness.

I am asking you to:

  • Send me my Talisman Of Fortune
  • Send me my Surprising Gift for FREE

Dear Athena, thank you for taking my situation into consideration. I am now sending you a contribution towards your expenses of only 9,00 € (instead of 39,00 €) to benefit from this unique assistance as soon as possible.