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The 7 Active Connections
of Pure Energy


The Wonderful Flower of Life Talisman
and your Photo, Magnetized especially for me,
as FREE gifts.


For the exclusive attention of my protégé:


  • YES, dear Athena, I agree with you, I feel like I never have any luck and that I’m treading water. I need your help to get through this.
  • Thanks to the Archangel Metatron and the Imperious Ceremony of Psychic Discernment, you are no doubt the first person ever to manage to go back to what seems to you to be the SOURCE of all my current problems. You think that I am the victim of a “mental wound” that is preventing me from rising up towards the life of my dreams, from experiencing Luck, Money, and Happiness.
  • I understand that as far as I am concerned, action needs to be taken urgently because a key Date was indicated to you by which to perform the 7 ACTIVE CONNECTIONS OF PURE ENERGY: you must take action BEFORE the imminent closure of the Great Portal of Celestial Light, that is to say before .
  • Under no circumstances do I want to miss out on this Unique Chance being offered to me.

Therefore, I request that you prepare without delay:

  • My 7 Active Connections of Pure Energy: you will take care of all the work, Athena, during the next 7 days. Thanks to your 7 Sessions of Telepathic Transmission, you will take action to facilitate my access to Luck, Money, Love, Confidence, Influence, Inner Strength, and Success.
  • My 7 Active Frequencies: You will activate the highest vibrations of Luck, Money, Love, Confidence, Influence, Inner Strength, and Success in order to support your 7 Active Connections and thus increase my potential in each of these 7 areas.
  • Prepare my two Free Gifts:

My first gift: Your wonderful FLOWER OF LIFE TALISMAN, which will contribute to liberate my vital energy, to destroy any blockage, whether conscious or subconscious, and to Protect me from harmful waves.

My second gift: YOUR PHOTO, MAGNETIZED FOR ME, which will be an intermediary between you and me. A secret path that the Pure Positive Energy of the 7 Active Connections will take to reach me and act powerfully in my life.

  • To enable you to prepare this very comprehensive help, I will do as follows: I will bring my right hand close to the Magical Spiral below for a few moments, without touching it, while thinking very hard about my dearest wish.

On your side, you will be able to collect my Personal Psychic and Spiritual Impulse and then take action in my favor.

  • Dear Athena, thank you for considering my situation. In order to benefit from this unique help as soon as possible, I will now send you a contribution to your costs of just 199,00 € (instead of 300,00 €), which I can pay in 3 installments if I so wish.