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Urgent Request for Help

From Athena’s Magical Runes


Only for my protégé


Dear Athena,

I agree with you. I urgently need your help. I want to free myself from the bad luck that’s been pursuing me.

I understand that, in your opinion, my lack of Luck is linked to a certain “negative zone” in my home, which would explain all the bad luck in my life.

Since I’m in constant contact with this harmful influence, it could block or even neutralize the opportunities for Luck that are being prepared for me, both in my love-life, and financially.

I don’t want to wait and do nothing. That’s why:

  • I’m asking you to perform the Great Runic Ritual Of Release And Protection for me, to free me from the bad luck that has been pursuing me.
  • I would also ask you to send me my Great Runic Reading as soon as possible, along with the FREE GIFT you promised: my precious Magnetic Square Talisman.
  • You’ve offered me a Guarantee that if your work is not fully satisfying, all I have to do is tell you that I want a refund.
  • Under the condition of this refund guarantee, I ask that you perform the Great Ritual Of Release And My Runic Ceremony.
  • Thank you, Athena, for taking my personal situation into consideration. For this significant work of liberation and your predictions, I accept to send you a reduced contribution of 49,00 € instead of the customary 99,00 €.