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To benefit from


(Possibility to receive a minimum of 40.000 €!)

Only for my protégé


  • YES, Athena, I want to benefit from your mystical action: Active Magic Thought.
  • Please perform this Powerful Magic Ritual of Abundance for me before the key deadline: .
  • I confirm that I need and want to receive a minimum of 40.000 € heralded by the 7th Tarot arcanum in your vision about me.
  • I understand that there’s nothing special I have to do to give the Magic Ritual every chance of being effective in my life.
  • You offer this Magic Ritual for free, and by sending you my contribution I will only cover part of your costs (buying very rare incense, candles, magic inks, etc.). You aren’t asking for anything to cover all the hours you’ll have to spend preparing for the Ritual.

Dear Athena, thank you for taking my situation into consideration. In order to benefit from this unique assistance as soon as possible, I am now sending you a contribution to your expenses of only 19,00 € instead of the usual 79,00 €.