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Special Consent

For Magic Intervention

Only for my protégé


  • Yes, dear Athena, you see my life on the verge of being transformed by the arrival of an initial huge amount of cash already reserved for me on the Astral plane. I need to get all the odds on my side!
  • To do that, I am asking you to intervene tele-psychically, through a Positive Telepathic Operation that only you are capable of doing for me: The Magic Action For The Release Of Profit.
  • Yes Athena, I understand this involves the transfer of positive energy between your mind and my mind in order to release huge gains.
  • Yes Athena, I also understand this Positive Telepathic Intervention, which will last for about 30 minutes, has a double goal:

– Firstly: Eliminate all the negative thoughts that could stand between me and my Cosmic Luck;

– Secondly: Attract Luck to me very intensely and trigger the arrival of critically huge gains in my favor.

  • Yes Athena, you have already successfully performed this tele-psychic operation many times, which further guarantees its efficiency.
  • For this Magic Action For The Release Of Profit to be totally successful for me, you will communicate the precise day and time when you perform the transfer for me. You’ll also send me your instructions, along with a Free Secret Gift that will enable me to open my subconscious forces to the great Energy you’re going to transmit to me. As for me, there’s nothing complicated I’ll need to do. You’ll take care of everything personally.
  • A few days later, everything will be in place for the first major beneficial events already inscribed in my immediate future to start materializing in my life. Great wealth and unbelievable Happiness as a priority.
  • Thank you, Athena for taking my personal situation into account. Thus, for this important work of telepathic intervention and release, I agree to pay a lowered contribution of 39,00 € instead of the usual 59,00 €.