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Special Help Form

to benefit – for free – from

The Ancestral Ceremony Of Celestial Magic

And to receive as a matter of urgency the

Cosmic Pentacle Of Luck

Only for my protégé


YES Athena, everything you felt about me is true. I want to thank you for warning me in time about the “Cosmic Time Warp” now passing through my Astral Chart, which could produce a temporary delay in the unfolding of my immediate Destiny. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY I need to grab hold of as soon as possible.

I am asking you:

  • to perform the Ancestral Ceremony Of Celestial Luck on my behalf, Free of Charge.
  • And also to send me my Cosmic Pentacle Of Luck soon after, so my most secret wishes can come to pass.

To help you impregnate my Cosmic Pentacle Of Luck with my personal vibrations, here are my 3 Dearest Wishes:

  • Wish N°1:
  • Wish N°2:
  • Wish N°3:

I’m not taking any risks at all. You promise that if I’m not completely satisfied with your work, all I need to do to get a full refund of my contribution is to write and tell you.

  • I want to thank you ahead of time for not asking for your usual fee, but simply for a reduced contribution of 19,00 € for a help as complete as this.