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Karmic Debt Repayment Acceptance Form!

Exclusively prepared and reserved for


  • YES, my dear Athena, I confirm that I would like the Karmic powers to repay me all the money that is due to me and that has remained in my past life…!
  • The total amount I am owed being estimated to be a large sum, it has been decided that the Karmic powers will pay me this sum in monthly instalments of up to 15.000 € to avoid arousing suspicion, curiosity, or jealousy.
  • In order for me to be able to collect these sums, it is essential that you perform a special ceremony, called RESTITUTION CEREMONY!
  • Therefore, I give you here and now my express authorization to carry out immediately for me:

THE RESTITUTION CEREMONY, which must signal to the Karmic powers that I have agreed to receive the money I am owed plus interest!

  • I’ll answer immediately!

Please give me as a gift:

  • The 5 most important dates of my life! The days when luck, happiness and money should come knocking on your door!
  • Of course, I don’t have to do anything special, just follow the simple advice that you will send me.
  • Dear Athena, thank you for taking my situation into account. Therefore, in order to benefit from this unique help as soon as possible, I am now sending you a contribution of only 19,00 € (instead of 29,00 €).