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Your Attention Please: Action to be performed as a matter of urgency


Only for my protégé


  • YES Athena, I agree with you. My problems are more and more insurmountable. They’ve lasted much too long, and I need your help to extricate myself.
  • I really do want to be one of your “Protégés” and enter, without delay, the sacred vault, to become an elected one “under the Divine Hand.” Then I will be placed under the highest protection of “Heaven” and under your protection.
  • I understand that, as far as I’m concerned, it’s urgent to act. In less than 21 days everything should be definitively arranged for me, so I can see the very first great money event you envisioned in my life materialize for me.
  • Under no circumstances do I want to miss out on this unique chance that is being accorded to me.

As such, I am asking you to:

  • Perform The Double Ritual Of Luck-And-Instant-Protection for me Free of Charge, with the goal of surrounding me with a Shield of total protection by generating a permanent telepathic link between us.

Send me without delay:

  • my 7 Secret Formulas For Happiness to open the doors to eternal wealth and Happiness for me
  • The audio files for our 7 Telepathic Transmission Sessions

(I am aware that I will receive a Secret Formula along with a Telepathic Transmission file every 3 days so I can take advantage of them over 21 days.)

  • Prepare my Free Gift in order to be even Luckier:

My Lucky Numbers of the “Halos of the Divine” attuned to my personal vibrations, genuine bearers of luck… This gift is a token of friendship.

  • In order to help you prepare this thorough assistance, I’ll do what you asked of me: I will place my right hand over the Magic Spiral below for a few seconds as I think hard about my dearest wish.

the Magic Spiral


That’s how you will collect my Personal Mediumistic and Spiritual Impulses, which will enable you to act in my favor.

  • Dear Athena, thank you very much for taking my situation into consideration. In order to benefit from this unique assistance as soon as possible, I am now sending you a contribution towards your expenses of only 199,00 € (instead of 300,00 €), a contribution I can settle in 3 installments if I want.